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Techcellence is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about your career choices.  Below are successful tips on writing your resume, resume samples, and tips on interviewing and negotiating a job.  Get a jump start to your job search process! Our goal is to provide you with free resources to assist you in finding employment opportunities in line with your qualifications.

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Techcellence is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about your career choices.  Below are successful tips on writing your resume, resume samples, and tips on interviewing and negotiating a job.  Get a jump start to your job search process! Our goal is to provide you with free resources to assist you in finding employment opportunities in line with your qualifications.

IT Contract Staffing Services

Our IT contract staffing is the most beneficial service to our clients; both the hiring managers and our IT professionals. From our employer clients’ point of view, the hired professionally experienced technical staff remains within in their reach, being the employees of Techcellence. We provide our IT staff with different opportunities to work in diverse environments and build their skill sets. The Contract staffing is flexible to both stakeholders in a sense that we serve both who are not interested in long-term commitments and those who are not looking for full time positions.

IT Contract to hire Services

Considering the varied levels of responsibility of an individual in an organization and keeping in view his performance expectation that plays a good part in contributing the success and repute of the organization, we provide the flexible and adjustable hiring solutions such as Contract To Hire services.

A temporary hiring that places an individual on probation, providing our clients with a chance to evaluate the IT professional so to see if he fits well in the position. This also allows our IT professionals to get acquainted with an organization and choose whether or not to work with in future, because most of our Contract to Hire individuals are offered full time jobs seeing their perfect talents and skills.

IT Direct Hire Services

Our company understands the hiring preferences of our clients. So, we take into consideration the preferences of our employer clients in direct hiring and that of IT professionals as well and then, we meet their direct hiring needs by providing the right individuals.

At Techcellence, our unique hiring and recruiting process entails working in collaboration with our client. We have set our parameters of hiring an individual according to the environment and organizational structure of our clients so they perform better and be a valuable addition to their business. Our interviewing process evaluates applicants according to their abilities, whoever seems to fit in our client’s criteria. This results in acquiring the gem of professionals who could later become part of your organization, saving you the hassle of finding the right talent.

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    Houston is America's #1 Job Creator...

    Even with job cuts and belt-tightening across the energy sector, nearly seven in 10 people say the region provides good or excellent opportunities for work — the highest number since the full frenzy of a boom in 1982, said sociologist Stephen Klineberg, who has conducted the annual Houston Area Survey for more than 30 years.

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    Make an impact across your organization when you leverage our deep industry knowledge and experience.

    As more companies look to outsource technical services and support, they are demanding providers have experience in their industry and have the proven expertise to meet their unique needs. Techcellence builds value for clients through our deep expertise in a broad range of industries including:

    Executive Search
    Hi Tech

    Our Specialties...

    We are a name of trust and reliance of emerging businesses in outsourcing the best consultants in application development, project management, business analysis, SAP and infrastructure management.

    Infrastructure management

    The company, having a good experience in dealing with qualified individuals and emerging businesses, has a clear understanding of meeting the right criteria for both stakeholders. Techcellence has emerged as the most promising staff provider in infrastructure management of your company. Whether it is the help desk support or the hardware software upgrading that the client needs, we provide professionally qualified and skilled talent for Direct Placements, Contract To Hire or Contract Hiring.

    Application Development

    At Techcellence, we ensure that you get the perfect match of talents for your application management objectives. We seek and hire the experts who have a proven record of accomplishment for delivering satisfying results and have potential to take your business to new heights in software applications. May it be the initial consultation or complete IT application management; we can provide the skilled hands for your projects on Contract, Contract to Hire or Direct Hire Placements.

    Project Management

    Our project management staff is among the best human capital we can provide to our clients. We understand about the value of IT project management and the resources that your business needs, to launch state of the art IT projects. We have a proven record of providing our clients with just the perfect, talented and skilled staff that does not only add value to the company but also articulates best with their staff.

    Business Analyst

    Techcellence examines the core abilities of individuals in this discipline because we understand that a responsible and competitive business analyst holds an asset value for our clients. Therefore, each applicant goes through our detailed recruitment process, which ensures that the candidate is a best match with the clients’ business objectives, scrutinizing the candidate’s ability for delivering 100% results in IT business solutions.


    Our company has a record of providing the leading industries with SAP/SCM/IT professionals. Our permanent and contract resources for staffing caters the Project Management and validation of these systems. Focusing on client’s individual objectives, we ensure the perfect hire to match the needs of companies and to help them in cultivation of this technology.

    Looking for a Superstar Candidate?

    With today’s technology evolving at such an incredible pace, new and growing IT challenges are often not very far behind. Techcellence has the staffing capability to help you overcome these challenges. We use our expertise, knowledge and global resources to deliver top quality candidates, and we tailor our IT recruitment services to deliver substantial cost and time savings. That’s an exceptional combination.

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    Why Our Clients Love Us…

    Staffing firms can play a critical role in helping companies find talent. Many staffing firms don’t take full advantage of this incredible opportunity. Firms compete on speed and lower pricing, presenting the same candidates their clients can sometimes find on their own. Many of their corporate clients also force better firms to follow rules and processes that eliminate their unique advantages. Techcellence clients love us for many reasons, but above all we excel in the following areas:

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    Here are just a few of the amazing clients whose synergies have contributed to our mutual success.

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